I would like to welcome all members and supporters of the South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA) to our new website. We encourage you all to send us items of news, forthcoming events, and achievements so that the SASAA website fully reflects the extent of commitment to scholarly research on South Asia in Australia.

We also look forward to hearing your views about the kinds of activities that SASAA might undertake in order to promote the growth and diversity of our association. Please do not hesitate to write to me or any of our office bearers so that we can share your news with the other members.

Australian perspectives on, and attitudes towards, South Asia have matured in the last decade and reflect amongst other things our extensive engagement with the trade, security, social, intellectual and cultural issues that bind us. I would also like to draw our members’ attention to our definition of South Asia which includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Himalayan States, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. This geographical spread alone makes the brief of SASAA a very large one, covering a region of over 1.5 billion people and all the major religions of the world.

We look forward to meeting viewers of this website at future events and receiving news by email in the meantime.